Service on the Sabbath

During the past two days I have been astonished by the abundance of #LightTheWorld posts that I have seen posted by people around the world. Perhaps more people are tired of the commercialization of this season than I thought? Maybe. Very appropriately, on this third day of the 25 day program, the scripture reminds us […]

Saturday Night Oxen Herding

My Saturday nights used to be pretty eventful. Sometimes, in fact, back in the LBC (Life Before Church), Saturday nights went on so long, Sunday morning got involved. Sometimes, there was even breakfast. When my new friends in my new church explained that the only reason for breaking Sabbath was if the “oxen were in […]

Faith of a Bishop

A congregation Files in a bit late — The Sabbath after Christmas Has the benches a bit sparse. Aaronic & Bishopric in a quiet, yet slightly troubled stirring. An Aaronic Priesthood holder quietly motions to the Bishop at the podium, “PLEASE delay,” Desperation and concern color his young face. A worried chorister agrees in doubtful […]