How does one say “thank you” for a life that has been turned around? How does one say it for all the “things” in life that have come about and all the more that have changed for the best. More, how does one show gratitude felt towards their fellow person for all their help? I […]

Two Ceremonies

when the day of my second anniversary of holding my Temple Recommend coincided with the date of my graduation, I felt a subtle “nod” from my Heavenly Father

Loving My Friends

I remember the nervousness that overcame me not long after I felt the impression to seek out and listen to the Missionaries for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. They talk a lot about “being in the world, but not of the world,” but all of my friends were “of the world,” NONE […]

Testimony of Forgiveness

Today I bore my testimony.  My Testimony of God, Jesus Christ, and the Holy Spirit. I bore my testimony that They LIVE and give me guidance every single time I ask. But I didn’t say those things. Those words stayed locked inside of me as I thanked the Manchester Ward of the Bremerton, Washington Stake […]

My Friend Marian

From the first time we met — Both on unfamiliar ground I knew we’d be quite a pair — A pair of sisters Athena likes to be around. A Relief Society Gathering Salmon we ate and songs we did sing. Several weeks passed to each of us separate Blessings He did bring. Then when a […]

Woman of Many Wards

In the past few months, from June to December 2013, I visited countless meetinghouses, three Stake Centers, and two Temples in two states.  During that time, I was a member of no less than four different wards in two different Stakes. I attended church every single Sunday from the time I experienced my personal revelation […]

To the Latter-Day Saints

To those who have felt His Healing touch; To those who know we’ve been Given much. To those who have glimpsed His kind face, and those who have stepped away from the ‘race: Keep biking, Keep walking, Keep soldiering on; Keep learning, keep loving, keep singing  His songs. One day in His Glory, Will drop […]