Receiving Answers

Testimony. What does it mean to have a Testimony of Jesus Christ? My own relationship with that word, not necessarily the feeling, began shortly after I knelt to pray and asked how to become closer to Jesus Christ on March 6, 2013. I was immediately impressed that I needed to be Baptized into The Church of […]

A Temple Testimony of His Holy Spirit

I LOVE to see the Temple. The Twin Falls Temple in Idaho was the site of my “wrong turn” at the very start of the softening of my heart. Where I stopped and “felt” the building radiate out into the street.   April 20, 2013:  I went on my first proxy Baptism trip to the Seattle Temple […]

Please Let Me Hug You! I’m a Convert

Below is my submission to Middle-Aged Mormon Man’s International Hug-A-Convert Day Essay Contest. After I submitted this essay, I fell 10 feet backwards down an attic ladder, breaking my back. I am healing rapidly and will be back to blogging very soon! Last year when I commented on a post of Middle-Aged Mormon Man, he […]

My Friend Marian

From the first time we met — Both on unfamiliar ground I knew we’d be quite a pair — A pair of sisters Athena likes to be around. A Relief Society Gathering Salmon we ate and songs we did sing. Several weeks passed to each of us separate Blessings He did bring. Then when a […]

Woman of Many Wards

In the past few months, from June to December 2013, I visited countless meetinghouses, three Stake Centers, and two Temples in two states.  During that time, I was a member of no less than four different wards in two different Stakes. I attended church every single Sunday from the time I experienced my personal revelation […]