Converts Are Like Butterflies – A Book of Poetry in Blog Form

I have been working on editing the poetry from the first year of my conversion for a while now.

Some poems I have shared here, some I have shared on other blogs.
Most I have not shared at all.

As I am finishing the editing of the poems, readying them for the book, I have created a space just for them.

The book will be called, “Converts are Like Butterflies: Poetry of Testimony”, and the blog is the same.

Converts Are Like Butterflies is the blog where you can watch as I prepare the poetry I have written in the past year for publication.

Please feel free to comment with input.

The dates of the posts will be the original dates that the poems were written, so make sure to check in the past, as I will be “back-filling” them as I get them edited.

Thank you for taking time to read this, may your day be blessed with the Love and Lighte of Christ!


My Friend Marian

From the first time we met —
Both on unfamiliar ground
I knew we’d be quite a pair —
A pair of sisters
Athena likes to be around.

A Relief Society Gathering
Salmon we ate and songs
we did sing.
Several weeks passed
to each of us
separate Blessings He did bring.

Then when a trailer
just wouldn’t suffice —
you offered a hand –
a room, warm and nice.

Looking back on
just a few
weeks together —
I can say
with all my heart
It’s been quite
the pleasure!

As I now go
my way
and you stay
in your zone —
I’ll pack up
my stuff
but in the quilt
of my life 
a square you have sewn.

Of granddaughters
making cookies
in a kitchen full
of smiles and laughs.
To holiday parties
and making sure 
Santa had enough gas.

Floresent balls
thrown out
of the park
and a beautiful
back yard
that never gets dark.

You opened your
home full
of holiday cheer
welcoming my
best friend
baking pies
and my family
far and near.

Thursday cooking
for Elders
making a crowd
You listened
to my music
even when it
was a bit loud.

Thanks for letting
me make
your kitchen a mess
and understanding
when I just
needed to rest.

I enjoyed when
our Home Teacher
taught with his son —
and joining along
when Visiting Teaching
was done.

You’ve shared with
me firsts
we’ve cried & we’ve hugged
We’ve done the dishes
and cleaned the floor
of the mud.

We’ve sat
in the third row
for six weeks or seven
preparing to be
in His Holy presence
Getting closer to Heaven.

I will always
adore the moments
we prayed
And the times you
listened with care
not knowing what to say.

I can’t say
thank you enough
for being there for me
when it could have
been very rough.

I thank our Heavenly Father
with all that I am
For giving me a
friend like you —
a sister since we began.

For now
Athena and I
bid you a
fond farewell.
Not for long,
in my heart,
always you will dwell.

You go
about your
Missions —
I will travel
on mine.
Until we see
each other
I know we’ll
be just fine.

But please
don’t hesitate
to text
something amusing
or a Scripture I should
read next.

I’m going
to miss
my sweet dear
kind friend
But I ‘know I’ll
be in your prayers,
and I’ll be praying
for you through the end.


M ission-minded member

A Sister to all of God’s children

Refuge offered to many needy souls

In His tender care

About Her Heavenly Father’s business

Needed by her sisters full of love for her.

Happy New Year 2014

Love, Maggie

Faith of a Bishop

A congregation Files in a bit late — The Sabbath after Christmas Has the benches Seattle Washington Templea bit sparse. Aaronic & Bishopric in a quiet, yet slightly troubled stirring. An Aaronic Priesthood holder quietly motions to the Bishop at the podium, “PLEASE delay,” Desperation and concern color his young face. A worried chorister agrees in doubtful confidence with the Bishop as he gives her quiet direction. I watch my Bishop — A man full of faith — Say a silent prayer Then ponder for a quiet moment, as the congregation sat in vapid anticipation; Then cue to begin the Sacrament hymn. Those of us paying attention — Those of us in a front row — Took notice of the faith of our Bishop To begin the Sacrament hymn Before the bread had arrived. As we began the second verse of the slow and reverent words — a door opened — bread passed through. Sighs of relief were heard; more than a few. The faith of our Bishop burned strong in my heart, as I heard my own message from God about a new start: Have faith – say a prayer – Then softly and gently push doubt & doubters aside — this one isn’t their ride.

To the Latter-Day Saints

To those

who have felt


Healing touch;

To those

who know

we’ve been

Given much.

To those


have glimpsed

His kind face,

and those


have stepped away

from the ‘race:

Keep biking,

Keep walking,

Keep soldiering on;

Keep learning,

keep loving,

keep singing 

His songs.

One day

in His Glory,

Will drop

All to their knees.

Someday soon

ALL will witness

Why WE Believe.


My Weapons, My Battles

The quieter I am online,

The more I write.


my hand

by which

I write.

My pen.

The tool of

my Art —

No trade for me.

I write


I love it.

Because the



their own


out of me.

When I

Stifle them,

Do not allow


their own voice:

the demons

of depression

and despair

only grow louder

in my head.

The unwritten words


and ROT

and eat

at my happiness


the acid

of their


Until depression

becomes dismay,

and tears fill

once happy


A smile

no more.


free of the

lines of laughter

and holes

called dimples;


a salt flat of flesh.

Be gone

young demons —

I have fought

MANY a fight

with older

and mightier

than thou!

My Pen

swift be

my sword —

If it

be not

quick enough —

mine fingers

shall soon

have a more

virulent weapon

against ye!

a keyboard


soon arrive!

Swift be

the fingers

that shall

slay these

demons —

Like those

before them!

Depression –

Despair –

Demons of my Dreams –

Be gone from ME

I seek Divinity!!!!