Faith of a Bishop

A congregation Files in a bit late — The Sabbath after Christmas Has the benches Seattle Washington Templea bit sparse. Aaronic & Bishopric in a quiet, yet slightly troubled stirring. An Aaronic Priesthood holder quietly motions to the Bishop at the podium, “PLEASE delay,” Desperation and concern color his young face. A worried chorister agrees in doubtful confidence with the Bishop as he gives her quiet direction. I watch my Bishop — A man full of faith — Say a silent prayer Then ponder for a quiet moment, as the congregation sat in vapid anticipation; Then cue to begin the Sacrament hymn. Those of us paying attention — Those of us in a front row — Took notice of the faith of our Bishop To begin the Sacrament hymn Before the bread had arrived. As we began the second verse of the slow and reverent words — a door opened — bread passed through. Sighs of relief were heard; more than a few. The faith of our Bishop burned strong in my heart, as I heard my own message from God about a new start: Have faith – say a prayer – Then softly and gently push doubt & doubters aside — this one isn’t their ride.



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